Toko Jobra Safety

Fall Protection


Fall protection is a variety of safety products such as safety gloves, body harness, Kernmantel, Fall Arrester and others. We sell high quality safety products for manufacturers under the Cerro brand, including:
- Body Harness Double Lanyard HT-333
- Body Harness Without lanyard HT-33A
- Body Harness Fall Arrest HT-328
- Lanyard HT-558
- Rope Grab HT-619
- Retractable Fall Arrester HT-10, HT-15, HT-20
- Polyester kernmantel Rope KSR-010
- Polyester Kernmantel Twisted Rope TR-014
- Steel Rope Grap HT-F03
- Steel Screwgate Carabiner HT-R02
- Combination Safety Gloves
- Nitrile Safety Gloves
- PU Black Safety Gloves
- Orange Rubber Gloves

Product prices vary depending on the model and type. This product plays an important role for our safety when working on buildings to prevent accidents and avoid chemicals and so on. Discover the various needs of equitment goods only to us for quality products with the most complete variant choices and the lowest prices.
Please contact us for detailed information.
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